Traditional Storefront [1×4 RICO]

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Author: Exurbanite
Last revision: 9 Aug at 03:05 UTC


Traditional Storefront by Exurbanite


An early 20th-century storefront in the "Main Street" vernacular style common throughout the U.S. Has no signage for in-game customization.

I intended this asset to serve as an experimental debut for glass block features since I want to implement them in many future projects. I’m also getting a better handle on this whole detailed nightlight business — enjoy.

Loosely inspired from buildings in Flagstaff and Wilcox, AZ.

Asset Info
  • RICO
  • 1×4 Regular Plot
  • L1 Commercial: 8 Jobs
  • 4 Color Variations: Blue, Brown, Green, & White
  • Wall-to-Wall/Streetfront
  • Detailed Nightlights
  • Custom LOD

Model Info
    Main Model

  • Tris: 644
  • 512×1024 diffuse
  • Includes c, d, i, n, & s maps
  • Tris: 30
  • 128×128 diffuse
  • Includes c, d, & i maps

Recommended Detailing Props

My Simtropolis Thread:

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or are interested in collaborating with me on content creation let me know here.

Required items:
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