ZED68’s Offices by Luurt

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Author: [NL]LUURT
Last revision: 13 Apr at 11:00 2016 UTC


All Assets are made by ZED68, I just combined them into a district style.

This district style doesnt contain Level one buildings so you need to use the Building themes mod to either clone them or to activate another district style for the same area.
link to Building themes (Snowfall)
The Building Themes mod seems to have some issues with district styles like this, it might happen that not all buildings will show up under this district in the theme manager menu of the mod, this means you need to just manually put them in it.

As mentioned all assets are made by ZED68 and, along with many more fancy assets, can be found here:

Let me know if you experience any issues
Dont forget to give ZED68, the creator of the assets, some thumbs up for making these awesome buildings