Luxury Billiards Club

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Author: infinitesworld
Last revision: 4 Aug at 12:26 UTC


Luxury Billiards Club.

3×2 Leisure commercial growable building.

1769 Triangles.

I went ahead used a more flexible style and added some artwork to this building so it may give your city a nice touch of character. I spent more time looking for a Billiard/Pool hall idea than I spent creating the model. I wanted to create a classic looking Multilevel New York Style hall, but I couldn’t find any on the internet. so I found my inspiration through an old abandoned and boarded up pool hall, and figured I’d redesign that building as if it was going to be renovated and modernized into a luxury pool hall. This is the result.

If you guys enjoy my assets i’ve spent time crafting, it would be greatly appreciated if you considered giving back in the form of a donation, ratings. thanks. If a drink or something was covered, it would be nice.

Here’s my collection of props that my assets may include… a few props may be missing from the list, but this will include my favorite.