USA Grant Houses 6 storey fantasy variant (RICO)

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Author: pauljchris
Last revision: 8 Aug at 15:21 UTC


USA Grant Houses 6 storey fantasy varient by pauljchris

Original model part of a set of 7 by myself loosely based upon the Grant Houses project housing in New York City. A six storey variant is not actually present in the real world however this can be used in smaller towns where a larger building would look out of place and also combined with some of the other larger 13 and 21 storey models to provide some variety and a graduated skyline witihin the same project design. Originally built for Cities XL , now converted for Cities Skylines.

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Footprint 10 x 10
Model 2441 Tris 117 Custom Lod
Maps 1024 x 1024 d,n.a,r,i LOD 128 x 128

No props were used here so this model is quite barren by design to allow you to provide your own perimeter fences , furniture and trees if desired.

Without RICO enabled this will load as a level 2 monument without any functionality.

RICO settings

Cost 20,000
Households 60
Residential High Density L3

Placement advice
1/ For best results level the terrain before placement as the footprint is quite large.
2/ Leave a 1 tile gap between buildings in order to be able to connect up the pedestrian paths realistically.

Required items:
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