Cargo Info

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Author: Dr. Nya
Last revision: 30 Sep at 23:53 UTC


Statistics for cargo stations and cargo truck monitoring

New in 1.4: Localizations (EN, DE and RU currently, translation pull requests are welcome yay, useless stuff!). Weekly values are used now instead of monthly ones (use the toggle in options to restore the original behaviour). That pesky editor mode crash is fixed, too!

New in 1.3: Cargo introspection for vehicles: trains and ships. Resource pie chart and total amount of goods!

New in 1.2: Fine-grained resource monitoring. Separate charts for import, export, and local cargo traffic. Counter reset button (for the daring ones!). Switching between data for the last month and current data (dynamic values).

Wondering if your cargo stations are being useful at all? No time to spend counting trucks coming and going? This mod will help (probably).

Service info panel now displays incoming and outgoing trucks per month for each cargo station (and harbor!), similarly to metro stations and other public transport.

Tested for compatibility with:
Game expansions
Traffic Manager: PE
Extended Building Info
Network Extensions

Although it should work with literally everything.

Using Harmony[] for detouring CargoTruckAI.

Source code on GitHub[]. Pull requests are appreciated.