Eco Office

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Author: honker
Last revision: 4 Aug at 20:43 2017 UTC


Does your start-up need a new home? Is your data collecting company growing at an unwieldy rate? Are you an aspiring corporate overlord? Well look now further, because the Eco Office is the spot for you.

Weighing in at 40 meters tall with a 12×8 footprint, this RICO-ready office building is the perfect place for your businessy cims to earn their keep. Model and textures are based on a specific building in Chicago’s West Loop, but this modernist style should fit in just about anywhere. The grassy roof (is it actually astroturf? we may never know) and solar panel array make this building energy efficient and adds a little color to the earth tones of the other popular offices on the workshop.

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Stuff –

2200 tris
62 LOD tris

1024^2 textures
512^2 LOD textures

RICO ready – 55 offices

Required items:
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