Simple landfill

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Author: Avanya
Last revision: 6 Sep at 13:24 2017 UTC


Screenshots taken with Daylight Classic on

The landfill is finished. It’s actually pretty boring looking, which I guess is realistic enough. My goal was a landfill that doesn’t have any ground modelled in it to better blend it in any environment. Make sure to get my garbage decal to get nicely blended edges.

It only has a few prop as to leave it open for you guys to decorate as you’d like. You can also use my garbage piles to make the landfill area seem a lot larger.

Stats and size are the same as the default landfill.

A special thank you

To my patron Pasi 😀

Tris: 949
Texture: 2048×2048

Tris: 203
Texture: 512×256


Required items:
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Garbage decalOn Steam
Construction Equipment props packOn Steam