Shanghai Maglev Longyang Road Station 上海磁浮龍陽路站

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Author: Emperor Li
Last revision: 13 Sep at 21:49 2017 UTC


Shanghai Maglev Longyang Road Station 上海磁浮龍陽路站

Maglev train station in Shanghai, China, where people can take the maglev train to Shanghai Pudong International Airport and back.(more info at: wikipedia [])

The station is longer than the vanilla monorail station. You can use the long maglev train ( Transrapid MAGLEV ) by REV0.
Station contains 4 subbuildings with semi-transparent glass and moving escalator. And I reduce the noise pollution and radius.

Enjoy and thank you for subscribing!

車站比遊戲內建單軌車站長,可供REV0的加長列車( Transrapid MAGLEV )停靠。車站內含四個subbuildings包含半透明玻璃和移動手扶梯。

stats 基本資料:
model infos 模型資料:
10×4 Monorail station
Tris: 6308

cost 費用: 15000
maps: 1024×1024 (d,a,n,i,c,s)

upkeep 維修費: 240/week
LOD tris: 92

water 水: 160 m3/week
LOD maps: 128×64 (d,a,i,c,s)

electricity 電: 480 KW

my workshop stuff 我的工作坊物品

Tags: Transrapid, Maglev train station, Shanghai, China, 磁浮, 龍陽路站, 龙阳路站, 上海, 中国, 中國

by Emperor Li