Left-hand Traffic Bus Station 左側通行用バスステーション

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Author: shimatarou
Last revision: 21 Aug at 11:58 2017 UTC


The vanilla bus station was remodeled for left-hand traffic in the asset editor. The direction of travel is reversed so that it becomes the same bus flow as for the right traffic.

When setting the route please set it by shifting to the left from the place you want to set. It is because it shifts to the right one line when the route is decided. Therefore, the leftmost place can not be set as a stop place, you can not set routes. Also, immediately after setting the route, passengers may get on and off the right side of the bus, but after a while they will get on and off from the left side. Immediately after setting the route, you may be able to move the stop position only in a specific place, but this will also be set after a while.