2016 Pierce Aerial Tower White

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Author: ninjanoobslayer
Last revision: 19 Nov at 06:02 2017 UTC


A Modern Aerial Tower For Your City

Every department needs a tower, even in areas without tall buildings. This is because a tower can extend horizontally to help firefighters combat the flames from a different angle, reach workers stuck on top of a oil tank, and assist in a variety of situations.

This one is the WHITE generic one.

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Model Information

The Pierce Velocity set is sponsored by !gиïšÂłïэиuš® .

6054 Tris
Textures 2048 x 2048

Model developed by Hoppah, edited by Fire Dept. Boston[www.emergency-planet.com]. rear engine portion and ladder derived from Hoppah’s Aerial Tower, combined with a pump that was crafted from scratch. Remapped, textured, and converted to Cities Skylines by me.

All stats are the same as the default fire engine.