Kapow Downtown Hospital

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Author: BrowncoatTrekky
Last revision: 10 Jan at 08:43 2017 UTC


Cheat Hospital V2. Stats buffed across the board and ready for immediate use. Asset intended for those like myself who don’t use RICO but want a wider window in focussing on building your city while in PLAY mode.

Added some cosmetic bonuses including a helipad marker. The model is a Vanilla Highrise 4×4 L5. It is the first one on the list of L5 4×4 Highrises should you wish to disable it via the theme manager mod. In my city many doctor offices however are in buildings such as these. I am also sure many big cities have downtown hospitals that look more like your average office building than the standard vanilla one. You might even wish to keep the vanilla one active and have a random building mixed into the city which spawns helicopters like this one which is pretty cool if you have the Disasters DLC.

I prefer making collections – especially entertainment ones such as my TV MOVIES GAME collection.

Required items:
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