SIM T2 + L2 L3

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Author: JoeBoyBV
Last revision: 10 Nov at 17:13 2017 UTC


A metro station based on the original “simple intercity metro” station by Fishbus.

The station consists of two platforms: platform 1 at level 1 (L1), the default depth, at 0 degrees to the road; platform 2 at level 3 (L3), at 90 degrees to the road.

There are no mods required to use this multi-platform metro station. However, on the multi-platform metro stations there are times where when placing transport lines the game reports that no path can be found. To overcome this anomaly continue placing the line through the platform by continuing on to the next metro station. Repeat for metro lines through the remaining platforms. Once all metro lines have been placed through each platform you can come back and add stops. If the game still reports that no path can be found attempt to add stops on the other platforms within this metro station first and then return to the platform causing the anomaly.

Please see my collections for other metro stations configurations.