Taipei Metro Nanjing Fuxing Station 南京復興站

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Author: Emperor Li
Last revision: 26 Oct at 22:06 2017 UTC


Taipei Metro Nanjing Fuxing Station []is a station of Brown Line and Green Line located on the border between Songshan and Zhongshan districts, Taipei, Taiwan.

This is a metro station with transparent glass and entrances/exits at both side of the avenue. It’s placable anywhere and can be placed on top of every vanilla 4- and 6-lane avenue, so it won’t disrupt the wall-to-wall building row, suitable for the dense area in your city. Cims can also use it as underpass to cross the avenue.

Please use any mod with road anarchy (e.g. Fine Road Anarchy ) to place the station.

模型資料|model infos:
Tris: 1080

maps: 512×512 (d,a,i,c,n,s)

LOD tris: 38

LOD maps: 64×32 (d,a,i,c,n,s)

Tags: Taipei MRT, metro station, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, 捷運車站, 捷运车站, 台北, 台灣, 台湾, 中華民國, 中华民国

by Emperor Li