Hall of Ascension (Crematory) CC

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Author: CushyCrux
Last revision: 13 Nov at 15:01 2017 UTC


Hall of Ascension (Crematory) CC

Because Artists create Art. I had some philosophic thoughts while designing this place. Please vote and write a comment if you like.

Update 13.11.2017: Grave Count is now 0. (Fix)

Model Stats:
2794 Polys
6332 Tris
4471 Verts
2048 Texture Maps (inl. normal and baked AO and GI! Inc. hand crafted LOD, 202 Polys, 1×256 texture map)

Ingame Stats:
Size: 8×10
Price: 35000
Weekly Costs: ~1040
Burial Rate: 75
Corpse Capacity: 610
Deathcare Accumulation: 75
Deathcare Radius: 2800
Grave Count: 610
Hearse Count: 21
Workers: ~40

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LUT used for Screenshots:

Custom Reshade 3.0 config used for screenshots. Inc. MXAO (RT AO and GI), Ambient Light, Magic Bloom, SMAA, Boom and Lensflares and Technicolor. Post a comment if you want the config.