Charite Hospital

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Author: AmiPolizeiFunk
Last revision: 14 Nov at 12:19 2017 UTC


Berlin’s Charité Hospital "Bettenhochhaus" was completed in 1982 and was cleaned and renovated in 2016-2017. It is around 87m tall and Germany’s largest hospital. It dominates the skyline at the Mitte Campus, nestled right in the middle of the city near the Parliament and Central Station.

Plot: 8×11
TRIS: 2,926
maps: 1024×1024 diffuse, specular, normal, illumination
LOD tris: 276
LOD maps: 256×256 diffuse, normal, illumination
Game Stats: same as vanilla Hospital

For this model, I tried to be as precise as possible, faithful to the state of the building as it is today. Everything was created from scratch. Special thx to BenTracker for his perfect rooftop AC unit.

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