ST Aeternum [deathcare]

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Author: bullettMAGNETT
Last revision: 23 Aug at 01:45 2017 UTC



ST Spectra Aeternum [deathcare] by bullettMAGNETT


2170 Tris
564 LOD Tris
1024×1024 maps
Size 5×7 tiles

Press Release:

""Spectra Technologies Inc.
Spectra Technologies proudly introduces a new technological advancement for the cities of today.

The brand new Spectra Aeternum brings everlasting rest to your loved ones, in a metastable allotrope of carbon. Not only the will last forever, but you’ll be able to carry them with you or store them in their final resting place!"

Current Stats v 1.2

Cost: c 25000
Upkeep: c 720
Energy Production: n/a
Water Usage: 320
Energy Use: 1440

Hearses 12
Decease Storage 8000
*Increased Range
*Increased death processing speed.

Important Side note:

-In version 1.2 Ive changed the building to act only as a crematorium, the game seems to bug out when you make it a hybrid, it will not function correctly as a graveyard and crematorium. So now it will process lots of dead very fast and empty those graveyards in no time.

Game limitations sorry T_T

-This building requires more energy than the vanilla crematorium, it also has an increased patient capacity ( storage for bodies) and processes patients 3 times as fast than vanilla. ( Idealy, this building acts as a Cemetery and Crematorium)

For balancing Ideas please leave a comment below, as these numbers might not be quite balanced yet.

Enjoy and Happy Gaming!

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