Turbe (Mausoleum)

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Author: Accapulco
Last revision: 19 Nov at 13:56 2017 UTC


A türbe (tewr-beh) is a small Turkish mausoleum usually containing the graves of famous people or rulers. They are open to visit and usually contain some decorations and a sarcophagus inside although the body is actually underground. It acts as a crematorium close to vanilla stats but with 6x the range and only 4 hearses. I did this to avoid annoying cemetary micro and having to constantly place one in every single street. This is in a more common style that could be found in the gap between wall to wall buildings in town or in a park.

Main – 348 Tris/128×512
LOD – 62 Tris/64×64

Tags: Turkish, Grave, Deathcare, Eastern, Islamic Architecture