BTB Small Police Station

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Author: BachToBaroque
Last revision: 24 Nov at 15:03 2017 UTC


Small Police Post with a few holding cells for minor arrests. Suitable for smaller populations or suburbs. Covers a larger area but less patrol units.

Basic Stats:
Size – 5 x 3
Cost – 8500
Upkeep – 200 /week
Power Consumption – 240KW /week
Water Consumption – 96m3 /week
Jail Capacity – 15
Police Cars available – 6

Model Stats:

Tris Main/LOD: 912 / 76 Textures Main/LOD : D,N,S,I 1024^2 /D,I 256×256 File/Search name: btb-smlpolice.crp / BTB Small Police Station

Screenshots taken with Daylight Classic Mod & Custom LUT on temperate map. Colors may differ

Required items:
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