Taiwanese Commercial Building L3 3×3 Corner #1 Pants Kingdom 台灣商業大樓 褲子大王

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Author: Emperor Li
Last revision: 14 Nov at 22:30 2017 UTC


"Even the biggest of birds can fit in our pants"

————————————————————————褲子大王 Pants Kingdom

A growable taiwanese commercial building
Level 3 3×3 Corner #1 等級1 3×3 轉角

If you want to use it as generic building, you don’t need to subscribe the props!

If you want to make it RICO ploppable, you can go to RICO setting panel, find it under high density commercial, add local and save.

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模型資料 | model infos:
Tris: 1139

maps: 1024×1024 (d,a,i,s,c)

LOD tris: 86

LOD maps: 128×128 (d,a,i,s,c)

Tags: commercial, shop, Asia, Taiwan, Republic of China, 商業大樓, 商业大楼, 台灣, 台湾, 中華民國, 中华民国

by Emperor Li

Required items:
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