Vibrant Realism

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Author: Voeille
Last revision: 1 Dec at 16:56 2017 UTC



I decided to create this LUT because the vanilla settings seem too little contrasted and it looks like permanent fog to me. I’ve tried a few nice LUTs from the workshop, but they are bit too desatured to me as I play on a laptop with low screen brigthness, so I wanted something more vibrant.
This colour correction looks good with both default After Dark settings and with the Daylight Classic mod, AD is more sunny while DC creates sort of a cloudy effect.

Recommended Mods

Neither of those mods is required, but they allow for in-game settings, which makes the LUT more vesatile as you can adjust certain settings directly in the game.

  • Daylight Classic – you can switch between base game and AD update lighting settings.
  • Time Warp – lets you adjust sun intensity. Perfect if you find my LUT too bright/too dark but like the other settings.