Livestock spawner (46×46 size)

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Author: Giometry E
Last revision: 1 Dec at 18:41 2017 UTC


This is a ploppable invisible lot that spawns walking animals that have the Livestock AI. it spawns 20 animals that walk around in a 46×46 tile sized area. i made this to give agricultural areas a lot more influx of life.

this is a large area thus make large fields if you dont want animals walking over your roads.

does not provide jobs or resources. purely decorational.


Q: Can u make this rico ?

A: No, because it breaks the spawning of animals.

Q: Can u make a smaller version ?

A: Not at the moment because normal animal spawners are buggy and unreliable

Q: How do i find this ?

A: Use findit and type in livestock extract 5

Q: Can u make this functional for jobs and resources

A: no.

Q: Can i select which animals spawn ?

A: no, selection is randomized, sometimes you will have cows, sometimes pigs, if you want a field of only one animal type delete the spawner that spawns the wrong animal type and plop again untill you have the effect you want.

Q: it asks for road connection, is it necessary ?
A: no its not, works without.

Q: can you get rid of unhappiness ?
A: no

Q: building says its not operating
A: because its not supposed to. ignore this.


To @deczaah for testing.

to @hadece for starting the idea.

Please consider supporting me on Patreon because im a poor bum

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