Concrete Water Tower

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Author: 220hertz
Last revision: 31 Oct at 02:38 2017 UTC


A water tower with stats at roughly double those of the the default tower – at a cost of double the default tower.

I was playing this game the other night and lamented at the lack of vanilla tower diversity. I really didn’t want to download another castle-sized tower or futuristic whirlamagig for my water. I just wanted something a bit more practical.

I wrote ‘WATER’ on the side of it, just in case your Cims think it’s filled with broken dreams. 😀

Asset stats:
Main Mesh: 2,286 tris
LOD: 70 tris

Textures 1024 and 128, all maps present – there’s no AD illumination, but it’s there all the same as a flat map. There are zero props on this asset – I was working through why the pipe nodes weren’t appearing after creating it and I hadn’t eliminated props as a cause yet (even though that makes no sense, I avoided it). So if you want to add some in your playthrough, It looks good at night with a few lights shining up at it.

In-game stats
Cost: 7,500
Upkeep: 480/week
Output: 120,000 (which, I think, is the same as the pump)
The electricity requirement is slightly increased from the default tower, though the exact value escapes me at the moment.

No external Workshop dependencies or DLC required. I’ll never ask you download something that I haven’t done. Except that one shed, and I’ve taken a look at that … and spoken with the author … And it’s fine.

Since I had such a hard time making a water tower from the default in-game template – and I’m still not convinced it’s done properly, please let me know if it’s messed up in any way. Like, if you can’t connect pipes to this asset, let me know. And, If a modder happens to chance by here and knows this deep secret (why the pipe nodes are such a bit problem), please share it with me. I’ve tested this asset as much as I think I should and it works.

As usual, here are all the source files. This asset is not based on any IRL structure. It’s just a cool new water tower I wanted.

Enjoy everyone!
I’m actually quite happy with how this looks in-game. It’s never perfect – but I think this is a step forward for me.