BTB Small Bus Garage

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Author: BachToBaroque
Last revision: 17 Dec at 11:17 2017 UTC


A Bus Garage with a small coffee& & bagel stand. If you put a bus stop infront of the building you can pretend the building acts as an end of the line stop. Also I feel like the model & textures could’ve been better but oh well i’m very lazy especially on holiday season.

Same function as the vanilla Bus Depot, it is a source of buses not a station/stop fyi.

Size – 6 x 6
Cost – 12 500
Upkeep – 264 /week
Power Consumption – 256KW /week
Water Consumption – 128m3 /week
Does not produce any Noise Pollution

Model Stats:

Tris Main/LOD: 822 / 118 Textures Main/LOD : D,N,S,I,A 1024^2 / D,I 256^2 File/Search name: btb-smallbus-grg.crp / BTB Small Bus Garage

Screenshots taken with Daylight Classic Mod & Custom LUT on default temperate map. Colors may differ