Van Nortwick Textile Building

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Author: Khrysler
Last revision: 2 Dec at 13:17 2017 UTC


Van Nortwick Textile Building by Khrysler

Gothic Revival styled building houses many offices and showrooms in home textile industry. Sublte ornamentation makes the building rather pleasant and well scaled to whoever passes by despite its generic look. Its look is in typical early 1900s American office building most likely found in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
This is absolutely off-track creation but I couldn’t stand one of the vanilla office buildings spawning everywhere in my city. Also I tried to make it look like 3×8 building if it grows back to back…

Asset Info:

Growable – 3×4 – Level 3 Office Building
MODEL – 1,887 triangles with 2048×1024 textures (d,c,i,n,s)
LOD – 102 triangles with 256×128 textures (d,c,i,s)

Required items:
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