Southwest US LUT

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Author: It's OK!
Last revision: 25 Dec at 07:27 2017 UTC


This LUT is for The Meadows Map, The Meadows Theme and my other desert themed maps. It greatly reduces saturation, levels tones, equalizes contrast a bit and has a very subtle pink photo filter. It essentially cuts down the oversaturated colors of the theme and has softening bleaching effect in a very bright, arid biome. This LUT works fine for any map of this nature and I tuned it to work on several of my maps that are desert themed, or Southwestern US and Western US themes. I think the desert theme is one of the hardest to capture. The only way I could achieve it was to oversaturate the theme and use this LUT it to capture the bleached, arid landscape. Often desert themes attempt to achieve the appearance by covering the map with sand or with using pastel colors and for me neither is convincing. Most deserts have a lack of darker greens and that has the effect of making other colors much more vivid, but those colors get bleached from the intense sun.