The Employment Agency – privately owned

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Author: Populous
Last revision: 23 Oct at 18:47 2016 UTC


The Employment Agency – privately owned, by Populous

Dear Mayer, you say you have an unemployment issue… nothing causes the collapse of a cities population like unemployment so, we introduce to you an original and another first asset of its kind: “The Employment Agency”.

Because Unemployment leads to crime, loss of taxs… and health issues… this asset can be found under medical and actually serves the purpose of a normal clinic however the concept of this asset is to temporarily hire a lot of workers when there is an excess of unemployed Cims and so the building will be understaffed if you have a shortage of workers. For that reason, this asset is privately owned and so you as Mayer can add this building when unemployment is high and remove this building when there is a demand for workers, a new twist on the term "temp’ agency".

Employment Per Building:
– 100 Uneducated Workers
– 100 Educated Workers
– 100 Well Educated Workers
– 100 Highly Educated Workers

– Build more residential then you could before and keep your cims employed
– Lights where there should be lights including flight warning lights
– 4 colors for more variety ( see images for colors )
– Markers are set so cims will enter and exit the building and sit on benches
– Parking lot works so cars park
– Privately owned

– 0 construction cost ((privately owned)
– 0 maintenance cost (privately owned)
– Standard Clinic settings

Yes, absolutely, Thumbnail included for easy identification from the menu system

– Yes, this is a recolored, reprogramed, redecorated stock building (Sorry my time is limited these days, but the concept is what’s new and important).