Recycle Right (Privately Owned)

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Author: Populous
Last revision: 4 Feb at 18:17 2017 UTC


Recycle Right (Privately Owned, updated and brand new from scratch 1/4/2017) by Populous

Mayor, all we ask is that you simply assign us an old building with a show room at no cost to you and pay the Electronic Waste Recycling fee of 100 and we will utilize our 10 trucks for curb side pickup, helping you to keep a good section of town clean of unnecessary land fill usage… We operate at the standard settings for a Recycling shop, but make a dent in Landfill savings and decrease incinerator plant usage.

Specializing in:
– Electronic Waste Recycling
– Used Appliances
– Metal and Glass Recycling
– Used Motor Oil Recycling

Oh, yes, and well… we do sell slightly used and refurbished Electronics and Appliances for sale.

– Markers set to allow Cims to look through cargo containers (New)
– Decrease Landfill usage
– Decrease incinerator plant usage
– Decrease pollution through recycling
– Small footprint
– Lights After Dark friendly
– Privately owned so the cost to the city is reduced
– Cost to build: 0 (Privately Owned)
– Maintenance: 10 (Shop Sells products to stay in business)
– Trucks: 12
– Electricity Produced: 0

Yes, absolutely, thumbnail included so you can see in your menu.

Brand new asset from scratch, trucks go out and return. Added cim makers to allow cims to rummage through cargo containers and minor lighting fixes. On one of the maps the building was never set to Active by the game, but functions perfectly however at a higher capacity than set. Game issue, the code is new and clean on this asset. Hope you Enjoy and continue always to let me know if you find anything wrong with any of these assets.