LAPD Vehicles by ninjanoobslayer

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Collected by: ninjanoobslayer


A big city needs its own police department. Why not use the standard ones from Los Angeles? These ones will fit in with police departments across Cities Nation.


Actual vehicles used by the LAPD

2016 LAPD Tesla Model S (electric pursuit vehicle)
2013 and 2017 LAPD Ford Explorer (standard sport utility vehicle)
2016 LAPD Ford Taurus (standard sedan)
2010 LAPD Lamborghini Gallardo (show car, not used in chases, except in Cities Skylines!)
2015 LAPD Chevrolet Tahoe (full size sport utility vehicle)
2013 LAPD Chevrolet Impala (standard sedan)
2013 LAPD Detective Ford Explorer (detective vehicle)
2017 LAPD SWAT Suburban (SWAT transport)
2017 Dodge Charger (pursuit sedan)
2016 Pierce Velocity Bomb Squad
2017 Ford Explorer Bomb Squad
2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Interceptor
2010 Chevrolet Tahoe
2010 Ford E350 (transport)

Vehicles in the LAPD Livery

2016 GMC Savana 3500 (transport)


In Consideration

2015 Toyota Prius (parking police)

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