Fire/EMS Vehicles by ninjanoobslayer

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Collected by: ninjanoobslayer


We have a fire! Can someone not send a game-default truck? It doesn’t look like it can handle the blaze!

Sure it can’t but these vehicles can. Add in some ambulances for your paramedics and soon you will be running a modern metropolitan EMS/Fire system. Also, check out my lifeguard collection for patrol vehicles for your beaches.

As a further note, all Type II and III Ambulance will be made in the AMR and SKYEMS livery. The Type I ambulances will be standardized to a fire department livery, which are variants in white, blue, and the LAFD (sort of) livery, which will be red. The fire department liveries are all standardized to Klein FD for green/yellow, generic white, and LAFD (sort of) red.


Q1: I want to request a tiller, is that possible?

A: After my two month run with the aerial tower, I estimate it would probably take 3 months to make a Tiller. I definitely have one planned though.

Q2: I want a different cab! Maybe like a Seagrave, Rosenbauer, etc…

A: Sure thing, Just keep in mind pumpers and rescues take a month, ladder trucks takes up to two months, and the tiller takes up to 3 months. If you want me to use my default (aka the one I created for the Velocity) components, it may be shorter.


Fire Chief and Support Vehicles

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Fire Chief
2017 Ford Explorer
2012 Ford Escape
2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

2017 Dodge Charger
2016 Ford Fusion

2017 Ford Transit Fire Van
2010 Ford E350 Fire Van

Fire Engines and Rescues and Ladders

The 2011 International Terrastar Pumper is no longer in the collection; having been replaced by my new Pumper Tanker and Rescue Set.

2016 Pierce Velocity Pumper
2016 Pierce Velocity Heavy Rescue
2016 Pierce Velocity Aerial Tower
2016 International Terrastar Pumper-Tanker
2016 International Terrastar Rescue
2010 Ford F350 Rescue
2014 Dodge Ram Brush Truck

Paramedic Vehicles

2012 Honda Goldwing Fire Rescue (medical motorcycle, don’t ask me how it carries patients in Cities)
2017 Ford Explorer Paramedic Vehicle (AMR styling – actually in use as a rapid response unit in Maui, HI!)
2015 Chevrolet Tahoe (West Trail EMS – Paramedic Command Unit )
2010 Chevrolet Tahoe (AMR)


2016 International Terrastar Type I Ambulance
2016 Chevrolet Express 2500 Type III Ambulance
2016 GM G2 TraumaHawk (GMC Savanna 3500 Type II)
2012 Ford E-350 Type III Ambulance
2010 Ford E-350 Type II Ambulance
2014 Dodge Ram Type I Ambulance
2017 Ford Transit Type II Ambulance
2017 Ford Transit Type III Ambulance
2017 Mercedes Sprinter Type II Ambulance
2017 Mercedes Sprinter Type III Ambulance


Fire Engines/Rescues/Ladders In Consideration

Fire trucks take a month to make, so at most one release a month!

2014 Pierce Medium Duty Tiller (two parts!)
2016 EOne Airport Fire Truck

Paramedic Vehicles In Consideration

2015 GMC Topkick Ambulance
2018 Ford F350 Ambulance

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