Americana Promenade Garden Restaurant and Shop – After Dark Leisure Commercial

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Author: MrMiyagi
Last revision: 24 Sep at 19:08 2016 UTC


First part of a full range of Promenade-style landscaped buildings that will all go together in modular fashion to make a unique looking After Dark entertainment district with subdued, elegant lighting
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After Dark Required: Commercial Entertainment building.

"The Miyagi Development and Landscape Design Company brings you the new Americana Promenade Shoppes and Entertainment Neighborhood, updating your community’s existing buildings with today’s promenade style of main streets, so popular that it has been cross country cookie cuttered from San Diego to Portland, Maine! More will be forthcoming as soon as we finish retooling the tickytacky box-forming machines.

This location of the successful Buccal Mucosa Steak Restaurants, Inc. is next to the new "Fresh Meat Meat Market", which also runs a private basement nightclub, which interestingly enough is also called "Fresh Meat Meat Market"! How creative!" ^

This was the vanilla 2×2 restaurant 2. What’s different? A lot!

* Lushly gardened: custom landscaping by Miyagi
* Expanded to 3×4 which makes it sit on a different position than vanilla. Adds variety
* Softer landscape lighting in Promenade style (pleasant walkway with benches, ground level lighting along a street with cozy commercial buildings open in the evening)
* 4 new tasteful terra cotta colors to add more variety to the vanilla building colors

Fully made over landscaping, softened lighting and attractive accessories to transport your entertainment and tourism buildings to a more modern suburban / urban gentrified style of neighborhood.

There’s a way to make districts that have a combination of whatever buildings you wish to show, and only those will appear (no higher level will replace them). It’s called Building Themes per District Mod and it’s how I make these districts of AP only, or UK terraced only, or Brooklyn only etc etc… Check it out!

UPDATE: Fixed missing item and changed to vanilla trees and bushes: this means that you can use these in snowy maps and they will change automatically to snowy versions.