Large Bus Station (AD)

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Author: BaskB
Last revision: 15 Jun at 21:25 2016 UTC


Large Bus Station (Depot) by BaskB

**** Also includes After Dark Lighting ****

So I figured after creating my Bus Terminus assets the other day, one of major bug bears has always been the Default Bus Depots ingame seemingly being able to hold 400+ Buses into that small building when in relaity Bus Depots are usually very large buildings.

As a result….. I bring you the Large Bus Station (Depot). 14×11 in size and as the screenie shows, fully working 🙂

Textured in same colours as my terminus & terminals to give that city wide transport company feel.

Stats are as default in the game so nothing changed there and item will still need placing next to road.

Tri’s = 960
Texture 1024×1024
Specular & Diffuse

LOD Tri’s – 192
Specular, Diffuse & Alpha

Thumbnail present.

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