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Author: Ilion
Last revision: 30 Dec at 14:07 2017 UTC


Custom Names Lists —

This mod doesn’t do anything by itself (*); it supplies formated lists of custom names for use by the "Custom Name Lists" Mod ( here — ).

Included are four files (in the "~CustomNamesLists" sub-folder) to be used by the "Custom Name Lists" Mod —

– CustomNamesLists.blacklist — removes the default patterns for roads (mostly to get rid of "{0} Street" as an Avenue Pattern)

– CustomBusinessNames.namelist — supplies a few more business names … and supplies a template for you to add your own names

– CustomCimNames.namelist — supplies an extensive list of male and female first and last names

– CustomPlaceNames.namelist — supplies patterns and names for roads, districts, etc.

Most of the names in the above lists were complied by ‘johandenver’ ( ); I formatted his lists for use by the "Custom Name Lists" Mod and added a few of my own.

(*) NOTE: To be explicit about it, there is no need to enable this mod in the Content Manager, as its .DLL doesn’t *do* anything; the .DLL exists only so that I could upload the .blacklist and .namelist files as a mod. However, to enable the custom names defined by this mod’s .namelist files, you must subscribe to and enable the "Custom Name Lists" Mod.


1) Subscribe to the "Custom Name Lists" Mod ( )

2) Subscribe to this mod

3) As mentioned, the custom lists I created are files in the mod’s "~CustomNamesLists" sub-folder (for Windows, this will be at "<Steam-install-location>steamappsworkshopcontent2557101249641304CustomNamesLists"). I think (*) you will need to copy this folder to be a sub-folder of your personal "~Cities_SkylinesAddonsMods" folder. For Windows users, the copied location will be "C:Users<username>AppDataLocalColossal OrderCities_SkylinesAddonsModsCustomNamesLists"

(*) I say "I think" because that is where the creator of the "Custom Name Lists" Mod says they ought to be. Because I have a strange situation, I had to put the files at a different location; so, I can’t test whether they will work where they are by default, or whether they need to be copied to that location to work.

STREET NAMES (Patterned) —

The streetname patterns I’ve included in the "CustomPlaceNames.namelist" file maintain the game’s default scheme of generating streetnames by applying a randomly chosen pattern (for the road type) to one of —
– district names
– cim first names
– cim last names
– cim full names (which are themselves generated by a pattern)

The "CustomCimNames.namelist" file contains hundreds of new first and last names for cims. Multiplying the first names by the last names should result in multiple thousands of unique names for individual cims … and thus for roads/streets. So, no longer should you see a dozen streets all named "Davies Street".

Following are the streetname patterns (by road type) I’ve added (recall that with the "CustomNamesLists.blacklist" file, I had removed all the default streetname patterns, so I have to include them as additions) —

<!– Avenue Name Patterns –>
<LocalizedString identifier="AVENUE_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Avenue</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="AVENUE_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Boulevard</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="AVENUE_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Parkway</LocalizedString>

<!– Bridge Name Patterns –>
<LocalizedString identifier="BRIDGE_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Bridge</LocalizedString>

<!– Highway Name Patterns –>
<LocalizedString identifier="HIGHWAY_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Expressway</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="HIGHWAY_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Freeway</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="HIGHWAY_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Highway</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="HIGHWAY_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Turnpike</LocalizedString>

<!– Dirt Road Name Patterns –>
<LocalizedString identifier="ROAD_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Alley</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="ROAD_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Drive</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="ROAD_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Lane</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="ROAD_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Road</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="ROAD_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Trace</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="ROAD_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Trail</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="ROAD_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Way</LocalizedString>

<!– Street Name Patterns –>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Court</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Place</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Street</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Terrace</LocalizedString>

<!– Tunnel Name Patterns –>
<LocalizedString identifier="TUNNEL_NAME_PATTERN">{0} Tunnel</LocalizedString>

STREET NAMES (Non-Patterned) —

There is another way to use the streetname patterns to name your roads, which is by making the *exact* names you want to be used as streetnames into "patterns". Thusly —
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">Adlergasse</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">Akademiestraße</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">Albertinaplatz</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">Albrechtsgasse</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">Albrechtsplatz</LocalizedString>
<LocalizedString identifier="STREET_NAME_PATTERN">Alta Strata</LocalizedString>

Notice how this format differs from the default format as above; namely that these "patterns" do not include the substitution string "{0}". Thus, some number of streets would randomly be named by one of these "patterns". So, if you decide to go this route for generated streenames, you’d want to include an extensive list of unique "patterns" for each road type.

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