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Author: AliTarGz
Last revision: 6 Jan at 14:21 UTC


Hello, dear subscribers and other game fans!
This is a my new project. Residential complex – Avenue 5 in Astana city.
This complex will consist of several buildings.

I changed the model. Now you can see a translucent glass instead custom "_s" maps of reflections.
Please resubscribe if you have a problems with asset name. Because I also changed a asset name.
Old asset name: Avenue5_Block_B
New asset name: Avenue5_B

Type of building: Highrise RICO 5th lvl
Homes/Family: 40
Construction cost: 6500
Color varitions: 3 colors
Model info:
Tris = 4910
Texture size = 1024×1024
Texture types = d, i, s, c, a

LOD info:
Tris = 100
Texture size = 512×512
Texture types = d, i, s, c

If you like my building, you can support me on:
Patreon [www.patreon.com]
Yandex [yasobe.ru]

Required items:
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