Bright iron fences

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Author: Titan
Last revision: 10 Jan at 15:20 UTC


A set of bright iron fence props

As said, a set of bright iron fence props including a…

  • 4m segment
  • 8m segment
  • 16m segment
  • gate segment

They are not terrain conforming. More Beautification, Prop Anarchy, Prop Line Tool and Find it! are recommended, but not necessary.

technical data:
Tris (4m|8m|16m|gate): 76|134|250|300
texture: 512x512px _a, _d, _n, _s
LOD (4m|8m|16m|gate): 26|42|74|54
texture: 32x16px _d
All objects share the same textures.

Tags: iron fence Eisenzaun hell bright prop