Le Mans House 1 row

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Author: Lost_Gecko
Last revision: 8 Jan at 13:20 UTC


Pack of 2 wall-to-wall traditional plastered houses from Le Mans, France.
1×2 level 3 (2-storeys) and 4 (3-storeys) growable low-density residential.

No props included for more freedom

Map: Merchants Bay – Map theme: unreleased – LUT: Relight Neutral – Relight settings: brightness 0.5 – gamma 0.5 – contrast 0.5

Model (L3 / L4

main model
tris: 833 / 911
textures: 256×1024 (diffuse-normal-specular-color-illumination)
tris: 22 / 24
textures: 128×128 (diffuse-specular-color-illumination)

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Le Mans House 1 row by Lost_Gecko

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