Cleopatra’s Toothpick

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Author: Zhubathan
Last revision: 3 Feb at 21:45 2017 UTC


**Please note that it is one of the first assets I submit to the workshop. As such, I’m still getting used to the editing process. I will provide a clean description and links as soon as possible ! I hope the quality of this asset meets your expectations :D) **

"A small egyptian obelisk in the likeness of the Cleopatra’s Needle in London."

A small egyptian obelisk in the likeness of Cleopatra’s Needle in London. About 25m high as its real-life counterpart, it seems a bit undersized compared to other assets : if you need a slighty bigger obelisk, please see my other mod "Cleopatra’s Pointy Stick".

The egyptian obelisks generally come in pairs. This one is no execption, and the London Needle has a twin relocated in Central Park. Asset creator Cleavus has released a model of the New Yorker Needle. If you liked this one, please be sure to check out theirs 🙂

150 tris
handmade textures from photographs of the real obelisk


Deranga’s Bollards and chain
King Leno’s Curb props V2


Edit Feb 2017 : Added a prop version ->

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bollards with chainsOn Steam
Curb Props 2On Steam