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Authors: Thokari, forestfey
Last revision: 24 Jan at 07:39 2016 UTC


4×4 L3 generic industry based on Quad’s Pico (before AfterDark). The Lehto Electronics Sterile-Sphere Processor.
"With airlockable alarmed entrances and somewhat self-aware robotic band-conveyors inside. The OS is something that rhymes with sky, but all hardware is safely disconnected from the net. No trespassing so far was reported, at least from the company’s side. Maybe no-one lived to tell, maybe people like LE well enough, that they don’t wanna steal from them. Who knows?"

-in the TUA-collection, because the hardware for the workshop-offices and earthships needs to come from SOMEwhere?

by forestfey

C-LOG: Added some lighting and a ‘list’ of needed props.

Required items:
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