Myrtle Cannabis Club

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Author: Populous
Last revision: 9 Dec at 20:02 2017 UTC


Myrtle Cannabis Club by Populous

Oh yes, you have seen this building as Myrtle Williams office buildings Myrtle Bio, however the girl absolutely has no sense for running an office and while facing bankruptcy, she decided to convert her office buildings into what she knows how to do best and that is through a party….

Myrtle Bio becomes a high end, state of the art Restaurant and Night Clubs drawing customers from across the state to taste the fantastic food and that special spice… well you guessed…

– Restaurant open to general public 11:00 am to 8:30pm on the ground floor only
– Restaurant and Night Club open 21 and older from 9:00pm to 3:00am – Live music 6 days a week.

– 4×4 Commercial Leisure that looks great at night.
– Cim Markers are set so staff will take breaks out back and customers will park their cars and sit at the outside tables under the soft glow of evening lights.

Just in case you have a notion to see what the Williams Family is doing to cleanup and enhance your city…..

~ Myrtle Williams
Myrtle Cannabis Club:

~ Luke Williams:
Williams Down Town Brew Pub:
Williams Night Club LC:
Williams Brew Pub:

~ Ray Williams:
Williams Farming Equipment Sales:
Williams Oil Equipment Sales:
Williams Ore Equipment Sales:
Williams Forestry Equipment Sales:

Required items:
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