Trains stop on both sides of the station

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Author: Jaddy
Last revision: 14 Jan at 20:13 2018 UTC


This is my first mod, so bare with me 🙂 This allows you to select both the left and the right platform for trains to stop at. Great for double track one-way routes! For example, this let’s intercities pass smaller stations without having to wait for the slower trains.

The mod implements a toggle in the public transport menu to turn this function on and off. This is because to be able to do this, the station track needs to be separated from the station itself. I only found a way to do this after the station is built, so that’s why I made it a toggle. You’ll have to tap it on/off when you build a new station for it to apply.

For some reason, the hitbox of the station itself will still create the default line indicator, so for stations with roofs, you might need some camera work to hover the track itself, but the ends of the station tend to work just fine.