Network Tiling

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Author: Ronyx69
Last revision: 28 May at 15:06 2018 UTC


Loads custom tiling values for network segment and node textures.

The mod is required for people who want to use networks which depend on this mod.

Makes it easier for asset creators to texture networks (roads, walls canals etc.) by allowing to control the tiling amount.
Depending on the situation, might make textures look better or be more efficient.

Example network using this mod: Concrete Retaining Wall by Lost Gecko

Asset creators need to mark this mod as required if they use the script:
The mod is not required for running the script and saving the asset, only for loading it ingame.
If you load a road with custom tiling in the editor again, the tiling you set won’t show up, but it’s still saved and will show up ingame.

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