Large High School

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Author: Will+Z
Last revision: 23 Aug at 12:30 2016 UTC


One of the simplistic models that I’ve created. I’m currently using the realistic population mod in game and need a bigger high school to host a much bigger number of students. So, here it comes!

Model info:
Diffuse/Specular/Normal/Illumination textures added
Texture size 4096 *4096 with lod texture 1024 * 1024
Original model about 2500 polys with the lod one around 800 polys (cannot remember exactly)

In-game info:
Size 12 * 8
3000 students
Construction and maintanence costs around the vanilla one * 3
Education accumulation 130

Other in-game stats I cannot really remember
Just feel free to edit the stats to fit your city

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