Project Monaco – Official Theme

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Authors: MrMiyagi, PugGaming
Last revision: 27 Dec at 17:19 2017 UTC


Temperate based, made for the Project Monaco series by PugGaming. The official map theme is found here:

Visual Recommendations:

Monaco LUT by CreativeDex –

This theme is in a happy place between being dark enough so that vanilla players won’t have their eyes scorched out, and light enough so that those who use visual mods will have a nice experience still.

– You can enjoy this theme without visual mods if you choose, best with using a preferred LUT


– I recommend visual mods. For example I went between 1 and 2 to make your screenshots^ 1 are the lighter screenshots, 2. are the deeper color screenshots:
1 Either – Daylight Classic by BloodyPenguin, set to Classic Sun Intensity
2 Or – the combination of Relight and Shadow Slider by Ronyx69, along with Ultimate EyeCandy. See Relight Mod for how to do this combo.


About this Map Theme:

This theme looks so much better than my original Provence Map Theme because it’s mostly not mine XD. This theme is a marriage of beautiful textures kindly shared by some of the best of the best! Credit to these creators for the following excellent textures:

Tentman – Building Base Normal and Diffuse (basement foundation that shows on a steep incline) custom made for this theme
Ronyx69 – Grass, Cliff, Ruined from Springwood, increased peach tones to match Côte d’Azure unique geology
Mark Fire – Water Normal and Foam Normal, contrast added for more sparkly effect on waves
BigBadNonja – Grey Cobblestone Tiles in fan pattern, recolored to Monaco pavers color

Thank you so much for your help and generosity in making this theme possible!
Some of the features I put into this theme:

All resources intentionally close matches to grass hues to blend well and make slight, natural differences rather than bold contrasts. When seen up close (esp first person view), you can see the following effects:

Oil is Provence Lavender as wildflowers
Ore is gravelly/rocky
Sand texture to match geology of area
Fertile offset is just barely more saturated green than grass texture for nice, subtle enhancement to grass
No rock sprites, no grass sprites
Vibrant sunset and sunrise based on photos I took in the Mediterranean
For Natural Disaster owners, proper settings for Mediterranean zone (for example, higher earthquake and forest fire risk than average)


Donations: If you like this theme, please consider going to the workshop of one of the creators of these textures ^^. Their names are links to their workshops.

Required items:
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