Euro Cubehouse 3 – commercial L2

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Author: Titan
Last revision: 29 Jan at 15:33 2018 UTC


Watch the YouTube video for background and historic information and some impressions

A Level 2 low commercial cube house

This building belongs to a set of buildings. They all are growable buildings. They can be used along with Feindbild’s great eurorow houses and acutally have the same beackground – they both were built in the 1800s but these ones here are more cubes tenement blocks instead of gigantic house rows. While looking like mansions they actually are also tenements.

Please do read these information regarding prop and mod usage
I used some props in these buildings, however only the fences and hedges are marked as necessary. You can subscribe to the other props all at once in the attached collection.

While these houses are growables, the ingame zoning doesn’t work with these lot sizes. I therefore recommend you to use the Ploppable RICO Mod or Plop the Growables
The assets are optimized to be used with these mods and so all have a small icon in their thumbnails.

technical data:
main: 1211 tris; 1024x512px _a, _d, _i, _n, _s texture
LOD: 67 tris; 64x64px _c, _d, _i texture

Tags: European europäisch Dresden Cubehouses Würfelhäuser tenement apartment residential commercial office

Required items:
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Bright iron fencesOn Steam
Dark iron fencesOn Steam
Hedge Yew Prop PackOn Steam