Corner Flower Shop

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Author: BachToBaroque
Last revision: 1 Feb at 09:10 2018 UTC


Trying out modeling some european style buildings. Not as easy as I thought especially when I’m not familiar with european architecture. Perhaps I should make more. Has a big empty space on the facade for those who want to place their own signs.

Lot Info:
Filename: – btb-msflowershopl2.crp
Assetname: – Corner FLower Shop
3×2 Left Corner, LV2 Low Commercial, Growable
Has slight color variations. See screenshots.

Don’t like the flowers? Then just ignore the ‘required props’.

Model Info:
Main/LOD – 627 / 79 Tris.
Textures/LOD – 1024 x 512 C,D,A,N,I,S / 256×128~256 D,I

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Screenshots taken with Shift+F12, Daylight Classic Mod, RealLUT, & Temperate Coast X Theme. Your colors may slightly differ

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