Rural bus depot 2×2

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Author: vilgard92
Last revision: 31 Jan at 09:29 2018 UTC


Rural bus depot 2×2 by vilgard92

I wanted to make a bus depot especially for rural areas and to use it with tractor with plough by SvenBerlin.
In fact you can use it as the Vanilla bus depot if you wish but it really makes it better in agricultural and rural areas.

The barn model is made by GiometryE
Works great with tractor with plough by SvenBerlin

To Control the types (custom vehicle assets) of vehicles on your transport line, use Improved Public Transport 2.

Stats :

  • Noise Accumulation : 0
  • Construction cost : 3000
  • Maintenance cost : 50
  • Sewage Accumulation : 2
  • Water Consumption : 2
  • Electricity Consumption : 5
  • Size : 2×2

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Required items:
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