BigCity (25 tiles mod)

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Author: Saeleko
Last revision: 15 Jan at 17:45 2018 UTC


  • By default the game only allows you to purchase up to 9 tiles.
  • This mod sets the limit of purchasable tiles to 25, so that you can still expand more once the last milestone has been reached.

  • I installed the mod, how do I enable it?
    Once you’ve subscribed to it, head to "Content Manager" in the game main menu, select Mods on the left, scroll to this mod, check the on/off checkbox to enable it. That’s it.
  • I want to have all 25 tiles unlocked immediately!
    Enable the mod included with the base game to unlock all milestones from the game start if you want to build a large city immediately.
  • What mods does this mod work with?
    Any mod that doesn’t make changes to the map size will very certainly work properly.
  • Why only 25 and not 81?
    The game engine was designed to support up to 25 tiles as specified by the official modding API, anything higher requires deeper changes in its core. By not going higher than 25 you ensure your saves will keep working with newer releases of Cities Skylines without depending on the mod being updated if it breaks.


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