Shanghai Longyang Road Maglev Station (with real MAGLEV TRACK)

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Authors: Emperor Li, REV0
Last revision: 26 Apr at 01:08 2018 UTC


Shanghai Longyang Road Maglev Station [], now with real maglev station track created by REV0.

In order to place stop correctly, you need Multi-Track Station Enabler. Press "Shift" while placing stop.

Also use Improved Public Transport to change the default monorail into maglev trains:

Many thanks to REV0 for his help to make this station!

Have fun!

Other versions:

stats 基本資料:
model infos 模型資料:
10×3 cat.: Monorail
Tris: 6280

cost 費用: 15000
maps: 1024×1024 (d,a,n,i,c,s)

upkeep 維修費: 240/week
LOD tris: 92

water 水: 160 m3/week
LOD maps: 128×64 (d,a,i,c,s)

electricity 電: 480 KW

by Emperor Li
Tags: Transrapid, Maglev train station, Shanghai, China, Glass, animation, animated escalator, 磁浮, 龍陽路站, 龙阳路站, 上海, 中国, 中國

Required items:
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MAGLEV Station TrackOn Steam
Multi-Track Station Enabler 1.2.0On Steam