Sparky’s UK Roads

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Collected by: Sparky66


A collection of UK style roads created by myself. I’ve attempted to get as close to realistic UK markings and signs as possible within the limitations of the in game editor. Features include:

Custom models and LODs, including bridges and rendered tunnels.
Road signs and props all replaced with UK style ones.
No more striped crosswalks.
Stop signs replaced with give way signs and appropriate markings.
Traffic lights feature stop lines and pedestrian crossing markings.
Bus stop bay markings.
Double yellow lines where parking is not permitted.
Roads with the same carriageway width can be seamlessly connected to create interesting road layouts without ugly fake junctions.
Road arrows repeat before a junction if a segment is long enough. Single lane roads do not have unnecessary arrows at junctions.
Additional UK road signs added where appropriate (no entry, one way, level crossing ahead etc.)

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