Plopable Basic Roads with Drainage for RainFall Mod. (w/ Trams)

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Collected by: bubbac2005


This is a collection of plopable road segments, and stand alone drains intended for use with RainFall mod by [SSU]yenyang[http//%26quot%3Bhttp] (Included in this collection). These segments add functioning storm drains to your road ways.

These roads can be found in the road and tram tabs, under water services. These are not drawable roads, they are plopable road sections, that can connect to regular road systems. They are zonable.

(note: should be working now. if not please let me know, so i can trouble shoot it. pro-tip, if you make a custom prop, upload and subscribe to it before adding it to something, or it won’t show when you upload the thing you made. what a headache that caused…)

Known Issues:
1. the order the roads appear in the UI are currently backwards.Apparently the value goes down, not up.. so i’m gonna fix that. doesn’t affect anything.
2. if you place these in such a way that an intersection modifies the road shape, it will lose it’s pipe attachment point, and show a no pipe connected icon. simply delete and rebuild.
3. stats and cost are yet to finalized, so for now, $500 a plop.

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