Škoda 14Tr

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Author: kowkamurka
Last revision: 13 Apr at 09:15 2018 UTC


Škoda 14Tr trolleybus in Factory Livery.

Iconic Czech-built trolleybus, massively produced for USSR and Eatern Block countries from 1980, and from 1990 till 2004 was sold worldwide. Was built in Ostrov (Czech Rep.) and Vologda (Russia). Nowdays runs in Czech Rep., Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Hungary and Bulgaria. Modified version of this trolley works in USA (San Francisco and Dayton cities). Used to run in Kazakhstan, GDR, Armenia, Georgia, China and Latvia.

This vehicle is widely used in Vilnius, the capital of Lithiania, and became one of the city simbols — travel I’ve made there inspired me to work on this model.

Has ~3700 tris, animated wheels, lights and stuff.
Takes 45 passengers on board.

Other versions:

Recolorable Livery as a Bio-bus
Recolorable Livery as a Tram
Factory Livery as a Tram
Factory Livery as a Prop

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